3 Fun Uses for Old Tires

2015 Toyota Camry tires - uses for old tires
What do you do when your old tires need to be replaced? Well, you can always repurpose them and use them for one of these fun ideas.

Tires are one of those necessary things for modern day drivers that are incredibly annoying to get rid of once they’re spent up. While most cities have a tire collection event once or twice a year, sometimes you can’t always make the date. Luckily for you, there are plenty of uses for old tires. Here are a handful of fun things to do with old tires from us here at Shults Toyota!

  1. Planters – As it turns out, tires are a perfect choice for holding your beautiful flowers. After a little cutting and redecorating, a tire can look like a planter bought at the store. Grab your old tires, some paint, and your plants and go to work!
  2. Sandbox – If you have little kids, a large tire is big enough to become a sandbox. Truck and tractor tires work best due to their size but a regular car tire can be a good backup. Slather on some paint, add some sand, and let your children run wild. Best of all, they won’t care that it isn’t store-bought.
  3. Tire Swing – If you have a large tree, a rope or chain, and an old tire, you can create a tire swing from scratch. All you have to do is hang the tire from the tree and your kids will have a blast. Consider painting the tire first for an eye-catching toy kids will love!

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