Celebrating Earth Day: An Environmental Holiday

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22nd. It was founded in 1970 in order to draw attention to the environmental movement and it has since come to be celebrated in more than 190 countries. Below are some ways you might consider celebrating Earth Day this year.


According to wikiHow, one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. You can start by taking up a collection for recyclables in your neighborhood. For example, you might collect e-waste from around the house—including old cell phones, computers, and other electronics—to take to your local e-waste recycling facility.


Care for plants and animals. Because Earth Day takes place around the same time as Arbor Day, you might consider planting a tree to mark both occasions. You’ll want to find a hearty soil in a sunny area. For most plants, you should start them in a pot before moving outside. You can also plant wildflowers like milkweed, pansies, lavender, sage, lilies, and more.


Finally, read up on the environment! One of major reasons the environmental movement was founded was because of Rachel Carson’s 1962 Silent Spring, an exposé-style book that demonstrated the damage people and industries were doing to the environment. Look for information from governmental organizations and universities to learn more about what you can do. At Shults Toyota, we can’t wait to celebrate Earth Day.

Celebrating Earth Day

Toyota Artificial Intelligence Technologies Improves Eco-Friendliness


Toyota logo Artificial IntelligenceToyota artificial intelligence technology is getting better and better with time. Recently, the Toyota Research Institute announced that it would be using AI technology in order to aid research in materials for zero-emissions vehicles. More than $35 million has been set aside to speed up research on special materials, all of which is dedicated to machine-learning systems.


Although it might sound like Toyota is working with androids, the artificial intelligence systems that the brand is using are more like machine-learning software. Referred to as computational modeling, machines will be able to develop new and theoretical materials though complex computer programs, according to Toyota. These include compounds and substances that may be used in battery design and fuel catalysts.


“Toyota recognizes that artificial intelligence is a vital basic technology that can be leveraged across a range of industries, and we are proud to use it to expand the boundaries of materials science,” said TRI Chief Science Officer Eric Krotkov. “Accelerating the pace of materials discovery will help lay the groundwork for the future of clean energy and bring us even closer to achieving Toyota’s vision of reducing global average new-vehicle CO2 emissions by 90 percent by 2050.”


So how will computers help to discover materials? These programs are capable of determining which substances will conduct the most electricity, store power, reduce friction, and convert harmful toxins into clean air. All of this can be done in simulations and programs—a great way to find the best solutions in the quickest manner possible. Here at Shults Toyota, we can’t wait to see what the Toyota Research Institute finds in the coming years.

Tips for Taking a Road Trip

One of the most fun things that you can do as an American is to explore the open road. With one of the best highway systems in the world, traveling across the country has never been easier. Here are some tips to make your road trip experience even better.


  1. Try Camping – If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to book hotel rooms for every night. If you don’t mind being out in nature, camping around the country during your road trip is a great alternative to help save yourself some money.
  2. Bring Entertainment – If you’re going on a long road trip, there can be stretches that are quite boring. However, this isn’t a problem if you come prepared. Bring your favorite snacks, download some of your favorite music, and have some games ready for the slower times.
  3. Stay Comfortable – Since you’re going to be sitting in one place for such a long time, it’s important that you prioritize comfort – this means wearing your most comfortable clothes, bringing pillows, and loading up with blankets.
  4. Stay Safe – Most importantly, stay safe. Take turns driving and don’t try to push through if everyone is too tired. Pull off on the side of the road, a hotel, or at a campsite and rest up. Nothing is worth falling asleep at the wheel.

If there’s anything that you need for your next road trip, feel free to call us at Shults Toyota to see how we can help.

Tips for Buying a Used Car

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to replace your old car. If you’ve done your research, you may have found that buying a used car makes more financial sense for many people. However, you also have to be careful. Here are a few tips for safely buying a used car.


Set Your Budget

Before you even start looking at cars, it’s important that you set a strict budget. Calculate how much you can afford to pay (each month if you’re acquiring a loan) and do not go over the limit that you set for yourself.


Have the Car Inspected

Once you’ve set a budget for yourself and have narrowed your options down, be sure to have the car inspected before you purchase it. Unless you know a lot about cars, you could easily miss a small problem that ends up costing you a lot of money later.



Do not be afraid to negotiate. For the most part, people list their cars at a price higher than what they actually expect to receive. See if you can talk the seller down a little bit to get yourself a better price.


Most importantly, be vigilant about the car that you buy. In the end, the responsibility is yours to ensure that you get a good deal. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at Shults Toyota – we would love to help!

New Toyota Concepts Point to More Performance Cars

It’s that time of year where auto makers are starting to roll out the best and brightest of their upcoming nameplates, and Toyota is gearing up to wow sports cars enthusiasts with a slew of new Toyota concepts that point to a more performance-driven future for the brand. Three vehicles will be making an appearance at the brand’s booth at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show in Japan, which is sure to get people talking when the new concepts make their appearance.

The stars of Toyota’s lineup at the auto show will be the Toyota Supra, an updated version of the S-FR Concept which was revealed at the Tokyo Auto Show two years ago, and an all-new hot hatch variant of the popular Toyota Corolla. Outfitted with powerful drivetrains that include a hybrid option for the Supra, the three concepts are already kicking up anticipation for the auto show among car lovers all over the globe. What’s more is that all three vehicles are aiming for the production line, so you might actually get to sit in the driver’s seat someday.

The Tokyo Auto Show won’t roll around until October, but perhaps Toyota will tide us over with some new information about the new Toyota concepts at the Geneva International Motor Show coming up in March.

If you’d like any more information on Toyota’s current models or what might be coming in the future, please come in to see us at Shults Toyota in Bradford, PA.

Common Car Myths You Might Think are Real

Cars are big, heavy machinery that we use every day, but the average person rarely understands how a vehicle works. As a result, there are some common car myths revolving around the mysterious inner workings of the cars we drive.

The Myth: Every Car Needs an Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles

Reality: Modern cars are designed to last longer than their ancestors. Oftentimes, cars these days can go anywhere from 5,000 to 7,000 miles without an oil change.

The Myth: Automatic Transmissions Use More Gas

Reality: While manual transmissions can often save on gas, many automakers are designing new, more efficient automatic gearboxes that save just as much gas as their manual counterparts.

The Myth: Gas Tanks Can Explode

Reality: If you’re afraid of your vehicle combusting in an accident, rest easy; fuel can catch fire, but it does not explode the way it does in Hollywood films.

The Myth: SUVs are Safer than Cars

Reality: The only advantage an SUV has in an accident is its size. Otherwise, cars are actually held to stricter safety standards than SUVs.

The Myth: Convertibles are Dangerous

Reality: Modern innovation has made it so that many soft-top convertibles are just as safe and secure as their hardtop cousins.

Some of these common car myths are utter fabrications, while others are based on things that used to be true, but no longer are. If you ever have any questions about something with your vehicle you might not understand, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Shults Toyota.

What to Do In an Accident

car that's been in an accident - What to Do In an Accident
Learn what to do if you’re ever in a car accident so you can react appropriately and stay safe.

It is highly likely that nearly everyone will be in an accident, big or small, at some point in their life. It’s important that you understand how to deal with this situation. If you follow these simple steps on what to do in an accident, you should be just fine.


  1. Before doing anything else, take a few deep breaths to keep yourself calm. Look around before getting out of your car to assess the situation. Check yourself and anyone else in your car for injuries. Call emergency services if you are concerned about the well-being of any of your passengers.
  2. Once you have established that everyone is okay, check how much damage was done to both vehicles. If the damage is fairly minor, safely move your vehicle out of the way of traffic to avoid causing a traffic jam.
  3. Once you are in a safe place out of the way of other cars, call the police. Even if the accident is minor and you think that you can trust the other person, it’s always best to create a record of the accident in case there are any arguments about who is at fault.
  4. While waiting for the police, you should be taking notes and pictures of what happened, in case you need to recall the situation later on. Do not ever admit fault or sign any papers until the police have arrived.


Following these simple steps will help you immensely after an auto accident. Stay safe out there!


If you need repairs following an auto accident, stop by Shults Toyota today!

Tips for Driving in Icy Conditions

Icy Road- driving in Icy Conditions
Our best tip for driving in icy conditions is: don’t. If it’s possible to avoid it, make sure you do!

We all know that with winter weather comes tough road conditions. This is why you want to be able to tackle the road, safely. You might know how to drive in snow, but how about ice? Here are some tips for driving in icy conditions.


  1. Slow Down. This may seem obvious, but slowing down makes it much easier for you to control your car on the ice. The faster you go, the more slippage can occur, especially above 45 miles per hour.
  2. Lighten Up on Brakes. Your ABS (antilock brake system) has more difficulty working in icy conditions. The harder you are on your brakes, the more they will lock up, which causes the sliding of your wheels. It is okay to use your brakes, just be gentle and pump them as you stop to avoid losing traction.
  3. Avoid Hills & Curves. Hilly and curvy roads can be especially hard to drive on when the roads are icy. Because of the extra work your car needs to do on these roads (acceleration and maneuvering), it’s more likely that your car will slip or slide.
  4. Stay Home. If you really want to be safe, decide whether it’s absolutely necessary to go anywhere. If not, then avoid driving and just stay home.


Come down to Shults Toyota today for questions and advice on tackling those winter roads.

Twin-Turbo Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Concept Set to Become Fastest SUV Ever

2017 Land Cruiser – twin-turbo Toyota Land Cruiser Speed Concept
The 2017 Land Cruiser can already speed through some pretty tough terrain. The twin-turbo Toyota Land Cruiser Concept is modified to go even faster.

If you are like Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights and want to go fast, then Toyota has just the vehicle for you—and it’s not a sports car. The Japanese carmaker just introduced a twin-turbo Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Concept that is sure to knock your socks off while driving. The concept, which was unveiled during the 2016 SEMA Show, is about to break record books with its powerful powertrain.

This specially made vehicle is capable of reaching a top speed of 220 miles per hour, while churning out more than 2,000 horsepower—but you wouldn’t think it’s that fast just by looking at it.

“From outside, the Land Speed Cruiser appears quite normal, quite subtle,” said Chuck Wade, the motorsports technical center manager who built the Cruiser with his team of engineers. “This is what makes it so special. Every single system and component has been touched. The trick is getting the body back onto the heavily modified frame.”

To create such a powerful SUV, Wade’s team took off the outer shell of a 2016 Land Cruiser, outfitting it with the brand’s powerful 3UR-FE 5.7-liter V8 engine. This engine has a volleyball-sized turbocharger flanking each bank of cylinders to increase the power and is linked to an ATI transmission.

While this powerful vehicle isn’t going to be available in dealerships anytime soon, it’s still incredible to think about the amount of muscle it has under its hood. If you’re interested in finding out more about the Toyota Land Cruiser, then stop into Shults Toyota.

Holiday Events in Bradford to Bring in the Season

New Years Eve Decorations
Bradford has a lot of fun events over the holidays, including the First Night in downtown Bradford. First Night Bradford offers family fun New Years entertainment for all ages.

Throughout the holidays, there are a number of activities and events that you can take part in. Luckily, Bradford is home to multiple festivals that are easy to plan for. Take the stress out of planning your family’s holiday season with these holiday events in Bradford are a great place to start.

Old Fashioned Christmas.

Watch Bradford’s National Historic District come alive with holiday spirit during Old Fashioned Christmas. During this event, the area’s picturesque streets turn into something out of history. Carolers serenade passerby, storefronts boast decorations galore, and people travel in horse-drawn carriages, creating a lovely winter atmosphere for all. This event, which will be held on December 10th, will also have sales and specials at select stores on Main Street, which will make it easy to get started on your holiday shopping.

 First Night Bradford.

Starting the New Year off on the right food has never been easier to plan, thanks to First Night Bradford. This public festival will have fun-filled entertainment for all ages, showcasing regional and local talent. Held on December 31st in Downtown Bradford on Main Street, this event is the perfect way to include your family in New Year’s Eve celebrations.

This holiday, get out and see Bradford in a lens through which you have never seen it before!